Church Planting movements explained

From the early church in the book of Acts, to the Moravians and the Methodists, to the Naga of India, history has been peppered with large movements of people coming to Christ. Amazingly, in the last 25 years we have seen the rapid emergence of hundreds of these movements worldwide, often in places most resistant to the gospel.

Church Planting Movements are defined as - ‘a rapid multiplication of disciples making disciples, and churches reproducing churches, to four or more generations.’

Given the rapid increase of global population, the only way God’s kingdom is currently able to grow faster than population increase is through church-planting movements (CPM’s)

Part of God’s biblical strategy for starting (catalyzing) such movements is through reaching households and groups as demonstrated in Luke 10 where Jesus sent the 72 disciples out to stay with families. (Note the use of the Greek word Oikos / ‘family’, ‘house’)

Church Planting movements explained
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