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I draw much inspiration from what I have learned from the Moravians, who understood the importance of continuous prayer to under-gird the church's mission. They prayed around the clock for more than a century and served, giving their all for the Gospel on the mission fields around the globe.

My colleagues at International Prayer Connect are reporting an unprecedented wave of prayer being mobilised for mission initiatives across every continent that is producing encouraging fruit including the planting of millions of house churches in some of the most challenging and unreached regions of the world.

I commend Disciple Keys to you and trust that your faith will increase as you unlock a deeper understanding of the power of prayer in these times!

May the Lamb who was slain receive the due reward for His suffering!

Dr Jason Hubbard
Director, International Prayer Connect
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Prayer changes history, we all know this is true. The 52 week Disciple Keys Guide is a fresh-looking attractive resource that organizations, agencies, churches, and families can use to get involved in what God is doing across our world, in seeing many more disciples following Jesus. In one booklet, there are significant people groups that have yet to see a church planting movement started, they represent billions of people who have had very little access to the Good News of Jesus. If praying for really big requests and huge people groups seems daunting and you are not sure where to start, this resource helps to guide you with a principle and bible text each week which are keys to seeing church planting movements multiply. An essential tool, next to your Bible, for prayer that changes our world and communities for eternity.

Jenny Oliphant
Coordinator of 24:14 Prayer Task Force

Someone has said, ‘When we work, we work; when we pray, God works.’ Now work, O God, and glorify Yourself. Amen.

Mike Latsko
Frontiers USA/Vision 5:9 Steering Team

This prayer guide provides information about some of the highest priority people groups to pray for and good insight about how to pray for movements to begin among them. I highly recommend it.

Curtis Sergeant
24:14 co-facilitator

God is working in amazing ways in multiplying churches among unreached peoples in ways unprecedented in church history. This compelling 52 week prayer guide will show you biblical and strategic ways to pray for disciple making movements among the least reached people groups of the world.

Stan Parks
24:14 co-facilitator

What a beautiful guide! I love the fact that simple movement principles are highlighted each week for prayer. Without movements to Christ, no people group can be reached!

R. Lewis
Telos Fellowship

Our family prays for an unreached people group every morning. 8-year-old William is changing the way he prays as he matures in his understanding of their need for a savior. This guide will help you to intercede for the world’s unreached as a family.

Duane Frasier
Joshua Project

What a simple, deep, powerful prayer guide! Imagine millions of us globally praying a key movement verse and principle weekly. Just imagine how God will deepen our prayers and launch movements in the UPGs prayed for weekly (and all the UPGs of the world).

Dr. Kent Parks
Beyond, Ethne, 24:14

It is exciting to see the converging streams of prayer and missions. Prayer is the first domino in reaching the unreached … prayer leads to vision, vision leads to passion and passion leads to action. Use this guide to daily ask the Lord for the advance of His Kingdom among these most unreached of unreached people groups. The Lamb is worthy of worship from each of them.

Dan Scribner
Joshua Project

Jesus instructed his disciples to proclaim the gospel to all creation and to make disciples of all nations. As followers of Jesus this is our responsibility, and it is our privilege. It’s a high calling to be dedicated to making Jesus known, especially to those who have never heard about him. Informed prayer is one way each of us can be strategically involved with proclaiming the good news about Jesus and helping people become his committed followers. This prayer guide will help inform and motivate you as you seek to follow our Lord.

Bill Morrison
Joshua Project

Information triggers Intercession, that’s the book of Nehemiah. Intercessors are the forerunners who facilitate the church Planting movements across the globe. Prayer penetrates and prepares the ground for the peace makers to establish God’s kingdom in unreached people groups (Nations) in the most challenging places on the earth. Local Church is the lighthouse and the Hope for the transformation of the societies. Prayer is the foundation for the Local Church. I am absolutely sure that this spirit filled prayer guide will ignite the passion to reach the unreached in the nations of the world. History is going to change as you pray. PRAY – PRAYER WORKS.

Minister R Onassis Jeevaraj
Window International Network

Despite our world’s many challenges, we believers have the joyful privilege of joining together around the world in: 1. lifting our eyes to the fields white for harvest (Jn 4:35), 2. begging the Lord of the harvest to ekballo (thrust) laborers into His harvest (Mt 9:38, Lk 10:2), and lifting our heads as our redemption draws near (Lk 21:28). The good news of Jesus’ kingdom is spreading like never before among Frontier People Groups, where less than one person in 1,000 identifies with Jesus. Perhaps the end Jesus foretold in Mt. 24:14 will come In our lifetime, once this good news is preached to every ethne! May the Holy Spirit lead you, as you pray through this book, into the greatest adventure of your life!

Robby Butler
Pray for the 31 - PG, Stubborn Perseverance, No Place Left saga

What a wonderful piece of work! I am very sure our leaders for Malaysian Noon Prayer & SEA Prayer Council (cc to them ) will use this prayer guide for 2022. We have been praying for the unreached people groups every Friday. This guide will further spur and enlarge the Malaysian Noon Prayer and SEA Intercessors. Thank you so much for sharing with us

Ann Low
Int’l Prayer Council

The content of this book is more than just a prayer guide. It unfolds the very heartbeat of God, longing for every precious soul to hear His story and be reconciled back to Himself. This timely, simple but compelling guide is a must-have for every church, prayer network, and mission organisation so that with concerted effort, united prayer and focus, we can prepare the way of the Lord, for the ground-breaking acceleration of the gospel and the advancement of His kingdom for churches to be planted among the unreached. The destiny of every people group lies in the hands of believers and it must be fought on bended knees as we join the ONE who holds the KEY of Life to unlock the hearts of every precious soul who has yet to hear the gospel! We pray - God ACT!

Lucrece Loo
Strategic Prayer co Facilitator, Malaysia. Ethne Prayer

We are living in unprecedented times, where we are seeing a powerful move of God in many nations (ethne), including the many Unreached Peoples in Southeast Asia. It is our belief that these movements will result in even more movements in the days ahead, and so it is critical that we as the Body of Christ continue to pray for this and for the believers in these places who are engaged in “making disciples who make disciples, planting churches that plant churches”. Thank you for the excellent work by the team to put this Prayer Guide together!

Beram Kumar
SEALINK (Southeast Asian UPG Network)
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