How to use Disciple Keys


This guide is designed to help you go deeper in effective, life changing, kingdom building prayer for people around the world with very little access to the Good News about Jesus.

How to use Disciple Keys


Reflect on the Bible verse for the week and the corresponding principle implemented in Church Planting Movements. Ask God to give you His perspective and guide your prayers. Lift up teams of people in cities, towns and villages who are actively sharing the Good News of Jesus. Pray for them to connect with those whose hearts are open. Pray for those who don’t yet follow Jesus to ask questions and want to know more about being a follower of Jesus.


Click on the “Learn More” button” in pdf and online versions of this guide to learn more about an unreached ethnic group of people in a particular place in the world. Imagine someone from that group going about their regular life and activities. Again the question “God what do you see? Ask God to reveal to you His heart for these peoples. Pray for blind eyes to be opened, hearts hungry for acceptance and love to be healed, and ears that hear and respond to the Father’s calling. Pray that someone will come and share the truth of Jesus with them. Pray for media and technology to enable them to hear this Good News and respond. Pray hope and restoration over people who have been unaware of God’s love for them. Ask Jesus to reveal Himself in dreams and visions, and then send someone to help them understand what they saw.

How to use Disciple Keys


Each people group in this guide was intentionally chosen. They represent large populations of people without enough witnesses for Christ currently living amongst them, for them to hear the Good News of Jesus. They are dear to God’s heart, and some from each of these groups will one day stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us before the Lamb of God, as revealed in Revelation 7:9.

To learn more about each people group’s lifestyles, where they live, what challenges they face, and what they are famous for, go to the Joshua Project. You can look at the map, do your own research and listen to music on YouTube from this people group. Perhaps Prayer Cast will have a prayer video you can watch, to hear from believers in that nation what life is like and where the needs are to be found.


Download Joshua Project prayer cards to print. Carry the card and pray for the group throughout the day. Share the card with someone else. Invite them to pray for the group, then pass the card on to someone else in similar fashion.

How to use Disciple Keys


Pray together at a meal or another family prayer time for the topic and people group for that day.


Share each week’s prayer focus with your group. Pray for the people groups together.

How to use Disciple Keys


Share the electronic version of this prayer guide and pray together.


Share the electronic version and related videos during the Sunday morning service. Share the week’s topics and people groups via regular church mid-week communications, and in bulletin inserts.


Network with your church’s mission outreach and those you know who are working among Unreached People Groups throughout the world. Invite them to spread the word. Ask them to send stories about work that is coordinated with this prayer emphasis to Pray for missionaries connected to your church.

How to use Disciple Keys


Explore Etnopedia. See updates on progress in translating people group profiles into 12 or more languages for the Body of Christ around the world. Help out by recruiting translators to help with this work. Spread the word about these resources to your missionaries overseas.


Share the prayer guide daily or weekly through social media or text message – with your prayer partners, Sunday School, small groups, networks, friends and family.

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