"And they went forth and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen."

Mark 16:20

Jesus sends us ahead of him to prepare His way. We begin in His presence, hearing from Him where He is about to come. Just as Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing, we also go in obedience to His direction. As we obey and go, Jesus works with us, confirming His Word as we proclaim it. In proclaiming the Word in the power of His Holy Spirit, we know that He watches over His Word to perform it. Signs and wonders are confirmation of His Word and are His way of co-laboring with us. Listen, then boldly go where He is about to come today.

Disciple's Prayer for Today:

"Father, I am aware today of my unending need of you in my life. Holy Spirit, as I listen attentively to You, show me where Jesus is about to come today. Send me out in Your power to proclaim Your Word. Confirm Your Word through signs and wonders. Let faith arise and direct my steps for Your glory.”

Prayer for the Unreached of the Day:

"Father, today I lift up the Shikaki people of Iran. God, these people need freedom from the darkness that surrounds them. The enemy has blinded their eyes to the truth about who you are. Show Your handpicked laborers where You are going today among this group. Send them to recognize those who are prepared to hear Your Word. Free them today from their bondages. Give them life, love and peace in following Jesus. Let signs and wonders abound as Your Word is proclaimed among them. Be everything to them. May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done among the Shikaki today."

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