”Now after these things, the Lord also appointed seventy others, and sent them two by two ahead of him into every city and place, where he was about to come."

Like 10:1

This week's movement principle is: Go Where He Is About To Come. A very important principle of church planting movements is to listen to the Holy Spirit and obey where he sends you to go. Jesus sent out the 72 disciples to all of the places he was ABOUT to go. Jesus did this to prepare the cities and towns for his arrival. John the Baptist was sent as a forerunner for Jesus. Likewise, we as His disciples go out as forerunners to prepare the way for His coming. The Lord says in His Word that we are to acknowledge Him in all of our ways and He will make our paths straight.

Ask God this week to give everyone involved in church planting movements a sense of their connectedness to the family of Christ as children of God. Practice listening to Holy Spirit daily for where He is sending you to prepare His way.

Listen to the companion Podcast here.

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