"Now you should finish what you started. Let the eagerness you showed in the beginning be matched now by your giving. Give in proportion to what you have."

2 Corinthians 8:11

We are given the instruction in 2 Corinthians 8:11 again to give and to give generously. In this way, as it applies to launching multiplying church movements for Jesus, we can give the gospel message to others. This was given to us and now it is our turn to give it away. The life and hope and freedom that flows freely from God to us now we must in turn give to others. Today ask God to show you any blockages in your own heart that prevent you from giving away what you’ve received from Him. Is fear in the way? Is a fear of lack standing at the gate of your heart? Is intimidation or shyness? Ask God to release you from any chains of fear or lack that hold you back from freely giving what you’ve been given. Good news is meant to be shared abundantly. Be ready to share the hope within you often with those you meet.

Disciple's Prayer for Today:

"Father, today is the day I want rivers of living waters to flow from my life to those around me. Forgive me for being selfish and for hoarding all the generous gifts You’ve given me. Show me today how I can give generous gifts to those that need it today. Bring into my paths those who need what I can give. As I freely live Your message and tell of Your goodness, multiply Jesus followers and fellowships for Your glory. In Jesus Name, Amen.”

Prayer for the Unreached of the Day:

"Father, thank You that You always hear my prayers. Thank You for the Arabic Gulf Spoken Arab. Your purpose for them today is salvation and abundant life with You, so bring light among them by raising up more than enough messengers of good news there. God, multiply Jesus followers that are effective disciple makers. As they boldly tell of You, Holy Spirit let the message go deep in hearts ready to hear and obey. Cause the good news to rapidly move through lines of relationship and take root among these people for Your glory. Thank you in Jesus Name, Amen."

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110 City Focus: MEDINA, Saudi Arabia - Pray for a Christ-honoring breakthrough and the launching of multiplying house churches in the 24 languages of Medina, especially among the people groups listed above.

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