"For this is he of whom it is written: “Behold, I send My messenger before Thy face, who shall prepare Thy way before Thee."

Matthew 11:10

God initiates the search for His lost sheep by sending His messengers to prepare the way. We begin in God’s presence, changed and empowered, to prepare His way before Him. God’s messengers come proclaiming His message as ambassadors for His Kingdom. Our assignment is to remove the things that hinder and to prepare a smooth pathway. We proclaim His Word and He confirms it with signs and wonders following. Our lives give witness to the goodness of Our King and our voices proclaim His worth. Where is He sending you today and how is He empowering You to prepare His way there?

Disciple's Prayer for Today:

"Father, here I am; send me. Change and empower me to go where Jesus is about to come. Let me prepare the way for My King today.”

Prayer for the Unreached of the Day:

"Father, the Southern Tati peoples of Iran are stumbling in darkness and need your light to break forth among them. Send Your messengers among them and ignite movements to Jesus Christ by preparing His way into their hearts. Plant the seeds of the gospel and let them welcome You as their King above all kings."

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