"Wait for Yahweh. Be strong, and let your heart take courage. Yes, wait for Yahweh."

Psalms 27:14

It is His work to build His Kingdom. We have the great privilege of being invited into that heavenly project. A vital part of pursuing Spirit-led research is the waiting. We as followers of Christ must learn to submit our research, our thoughts and ideas to God then wait. In our modern age of technology, there is hyper-focus on forward movement but this holds the insidious danger of walking ahead of where God is and what He has for us. Today, ask God to give you a quiet spirit to submit your research and ideas as you wait, pray, and rest. Waiting is not inaction, but it is a powerful and spiritual action of faith and trust. When we quiet ourselves and the world around us and listen for God's voice, we are actually saying to God and to others that we are putting our lives and focus on the One who created it all. We are trusting in His ways over our own.

Disciple's Prayer for Today:

"Father, I live in a world that never stops for one second but charges on. Fill me with awe and wonder in who you are. Quiet my heart and mind and let me hear your still, small voice as you guide me into the next moments of my life. I bring to you all I discover as I lift up my eyes to the fields. Reveal to me your divine strategies as I wait. Empower me to join you in building your kingdom.”

Prayer for the Unreached of the Day:

"Father, I lift up the Laki in Iran to you. You see every single one of their hearts and minds, man, woman and child. Shine as a bright light in their midst. Thrust forth more than enough laborers in every corner of their world. Guide them to those whose hearts are prepared to hear and respond. Break down the walls that surround their hearts so they feel the great love that you, Father, have for them. As your laborers conduct Spirit-led research, light their path to gather those you are calling into Your kingdom. Show me the part I can play and help me obey. Amen."

Pray for the 110 City of KERMANSHAH, Iran today: Pray for a resurrection of God's divine purpose for this city.

Unreached People Group Focus Today:

Friday - Laki in Iran Saturday -Sivandi in Iran

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