"Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm."

Proverbs 13:20

This is a principle that is so easy to miss. Walk with the wise and become more wise, walk with fools and become foolish. How simple is that? Walk with godly men and women and they will push you toward Jesus; walk with the ungodly and soon you will be mired in the muck. As you plant multiplying movements for Jesus, ask Him to fill your life with brothers and sisters in Jesus to strengthen you and help keep you on the straight and narrow. Ask Him to fill your life with love for the lost and hurting of the world but to guard your heart so that you are not drawn back into the world from which God pulled you. Move with the movers. Keep pressing forward in God’s call to take His Kingdom to regions beyond where the gospel has gone.

Disciple's Prayer:

"Father, I long to know You more. I pant after You as the deer pants for the waters for I know that You are the only thing that satisfies. Fill me up with Your living water and give me the daily bread of Your Word as You train my hands for the calling that You have placed on my life. I love You, Jesus, and I long to be more and more like You! Connect me with others pressing forward to know You more. Empower me to focus my energies in the most fruitful way. In Jesus’ name I cry, Amen!"

Unreached of the Day's Prayer:

"Father, break my heart today for the things that break Yours. Draw me into deeper levels of intercession and surrender to You. Open the eyes of the 1,100,000 Muslim Kawahia peoples of Sudan to see You and the salvation you offer as a free gift. Give them life and love and peace in Jesus! Give them grace and mercy and love! Give them everything that You are! Bring them home to be with us in eternity! Build Your church and build Your family, Father God! Help laborers focus their efforts in the most fruitful fields among the Kawahia so that multiplying households of faith result for Your glory. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen!"

Learn more about the today’s unreached people group by clicking the link provided in the Free Disciple Keys PDF.

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The FREE PDF is available for download in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, German, Tagalog, Mandarin (Simplified and Traditional), Portuguese, Bahasa, Bengali, and Thai. More languages coming soon. If you would like to help with the translation of Disciple Keys into a new language, please email disciplekeys@gmail.com.

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