Week 10

I am Praying
11 Praying

Participate in Strategic Planning

Pray for relationships between movement leaders as they learn from each other how to be even more strategic in strengthening and expanding their movements. Ask God to work far beyond the wisdom and ability of those involved so they are following God’s plans.


"Surely you need guidance to wage war, and victory is won through many advisers.” — PROV 24:6

Devotional for Sunday/Monday or Companion Podcast available on Anchor, Spotify, Apple, and Google.

UNREACHED PEOPLE FOCUS: Sunday - Hazara Monday - Khorasani Turk


Bless Israel to Be Blessed - Father God who blesses us that we may be a blessing to others, cause the people and nations of the world to take this Scripture to heart and bless Israel, thus receiving a blessing and not a curse. Genesis 12:3

GLOBAL CITY FOCUS (1): MASHHAD, Iran - Pray for God-glorifying, multiplying house churches in each of the 7 languages spoken in this city, especially among the Northern Kurds and the Persians.

PRAYER REQUEST FROM LABORERS IN IRAN: (1) We lift up Mashhad: where tourists visit from all over Iran. Pious muslims go there for pilgrimage to where Imam Reza was. (2) Pray also for Qoms: This is where the Mullah’s school is. May they know the Truth and May the truth set them free. May the students be visited by Jesus in their dreams.


Overcoming Peace - Thank You that You have overcome the world, Jesus, Prince of Peace, Having done so, You impart to our sisters and brothers Your perfect peace in troubles as they remain in You. John 16:33 

Portuguese - Spanish - Urdu - German - Farsi


Devotion: Wise Guidance - Proverbs 24:6

Podcast: Week 10 Day 2

GLOBAL CITY FOCUS (1): MASHHAD, Iran - Pray that God will raise up a great host of cross-cultural missionaries who will take the gospel from Iran to the peoples of the surrounding countries.

Unreached People Group: Shikaki

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Devotion: Mountains Move - Matthew 21:21

Podcast: Week 10 Day 3

GLOBAL CITY FOCUS (2): QOM, Iran - Pray for the Lord of the Harvest to send forth thousands of Spirit-led and compassionate workers to multiply house churches in the 4 languages spoken in Qom, especially among the Persian and Afghani Tajik people groups.

Unreached People Group: Karakalpak

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Devotion: Spirit Guidance – Acts 16:6-10

Podcast: Week 10 Day 4

GLOBAL CITY FOCUS (2): QOM, Iran - Pray that imams who are coming to Jesus will be discipled and become effective teachers and preachers of the true gospel in their communities.

Unreached People Group: Khalaj


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Devotion: Serve and Fast – Acts 13:2

Podcast: Week 10 Day 5

GLOBAL CITY FOCUS (2): QOM, Iran - Qoms is where the Mullah’s school is. May they know the Truth and May the truth set them free. May the students be visited by Jesus in their dreams.

Unreached People Group: Friday - Southern Tati SaturdayGazi

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